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Vahan Mardirossian

Vahan Mardirossian

Coming season Vahan Mardirossian will make his debuts as conductor with WDR Funkhousorchester Köln and the Real Orquestra Sinfonica de Sevilla.

In May 2014, after a hugely successful debut with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Vahan Mardirossian was invited to conduct the NHK Symphony Orchestra and the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra for the 2014/15 season. During the same season he also been re invited to conduct Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Graduated from Paris Conservatory in 1996, Vahan Mardirossian now is the principal conductor of the Caen Symphony Orchestra as well as the Music Director of the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia (NCOA).

Mardirossian also performs on a regular basis as the conductor of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Tokyo, the National Orchestra of the Pays de Loire, the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the “Amalgames” orchestra (built upon the most talented musicians of the Strasbourg Philarmonic and of the SWR Baden-Baden–Freiburg Symphonic), the Czech Chamber Soloists, the Lebanese Philharmonic, the orchestras of Douai and Cannes, the Opera Orchestra of Toulon, the Chamber Orchestra of Novosibirsk…

Vahan Mardirossian had the privilege of conducting many internationally renowned soloists such as I.Gitlis, A.Markov, V.Sverdlov-Ashkenazy, D.Poppen, S.Roussev, B.Engerer, X.Phillips, L.Vogt, K-W.Paik, R.Galiano, V.Postnikova, D,Kashimoto, S .Nakaryakov, G.Hofmann, A.Chaushian, R.Pidoux, A.Soumm, A.Ghindin, I.Tchetuev, P.Leschenko, A.Wass, J.Rouvier, J-M.Phillips-Varjabedian, Trio Wanderer, F.Mondelchi, J-C.Pennetier, M.Coppey, R.Arodacky, N.Dautricourt, S.Bechy, G.Touvron, S.-M.Degand, E.Rozanova, R.Daugareil, A.Cazalet…

As conductor, Vahan Mardirossian recorded the violin concerto by Tchaikovsky (Stéphanie-Marie Degand, Caen Orchestra) and the Symphony n°1 for strings by Florentine Mulsant (NCOA). Scheduled for release in 2012 – 2013.

Renowned pianist, Mardirossian often combines both his passions by playing the piano solo in concertos while simultaneously conducting the orchestra from the keyboard (Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Grieg, Shostakovich…). He also plays under the direction of chefs such as Kurt Mazur, Paavo Jarvi, Yutaka Sado, John Axelrod, Yuri Ahronovith …