Puplinge Classique



Founded in 2005 by the conductor Théophanis Kapsopoulos, the OJSR is a workshop-string-orchestra from 20-25 amateur and semi-professional musicians coming from the Conservatories and the Music Schools from the French-speaking Switzerland.

The goals of this orchestra is to extend the musical activity of the young musicians by making them discover the orchestral repertoire and develop their sense of hearing.

The activity of the OJSR takes place in very intensives repetitions and musical workshops a week-end a month.
In 2008 the OJSR won the first prize at the Festival Murten Classics Competition.

Since June 2012, the artistic direction is lead by the Quatuor Sine Nomine. Patrick Genet and François Gottraux, violonists, Hans Egidi, violist and Marc Jaermann, cellist give a fresh breathing to this orchestra by bringing all their experiments and knowledges of string formations.