Puplinge Classique

Maroussia Gentet


Gifted with the fiery energy of her namesake, the Ukrainian heroine of Marko Vortchok’s novel, Maroussia Gentet, born in 1992, a brilliant literature and science graduate, always kept music in the center of her life. Particularly attuned to the music of our time, Maroussia is also a fervent adept of classical and romantic repertoire, and in particular the works of Robert Schumann. She entered Géry Moutier’s piano class at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon at the age of 13 and completed her High School degree with a focus in Science a mere two years later.

Following completion of her master’s degree in 2009, she met the much soughtafter Russian Teacher and pianist Rena Shereshevskaya and completed the Advanced Performer Diploma of the famous Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, where she was supported by the Fondation Zaleski.

Maroussia completed in 2014, in Claire Désert’s class, the prestigious diploma of the Conservatoire Supérieur National de Musique de Paris, where she received the Blüthner Prize and wrote a study on Dutilleux’s musical influences.

His talent has been recognized and supported by the SPEDIDAM, the l’Or du Rhin Foundation, and she has been Prizewinner at numerous International Competition, (Ettlingen International Competition for Young Pianists 2008 (Allemagne), semifinalist at « Feruccio Busoni » International Competition in Bolzano 2010/2011, First Prize at « Adilia Alieva » International Competition (France) and 2nd Prize at « Simone DelbertFévrier » International Compeition (Nice) 2012).

Equally at home as a chamber musician and as a soloist, she is regularly invited to major musical seasons (Saison Jeunes Talents in Paris, Saison Blüthner in Lyon, Paris, LeipzigGermany, Concerts d’Esther in Paris, Institut français of ValenceSpain), and festivals (Piano Folies du Touquet, Festival du Dôme de Richelieu in Touraine, Festival de Colmar, Festival Chopin in Bagatelle, Festival de l’histoire de l’art in Fontainebleau…).

In 2015, Maroussia is invited to perform on France Musique « Génération Jeunes
Interprètes » radioshow and she is invited again at piano four hands with Joseph Birnbaum
(December 2016).

She is now achieving a PhD on contemporary conceptions of musical composition and
the effects on the musician performing and action on stage. And she loves to participate to
specific projects such as, recently, at the Festival Présence Féminine, a creative concert
featuring the story of female compositors, with comedians and a tryptich of harpsichord,
pianoforte and piano.

In January 2016, Maroussia has been invited by the Maison de la Radio to play
Dutilleux’s Préludes at the major concert of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Paris given for
the composer’s centennial.

She is presently preparing the release of her album dedicated to Dutilleux and Symanowski
under Passavant Music label (Sept 2016).