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Alain Carré

Alain Carré

Comedian and stage director, Alain Carré is a devotee of the french and italian languages. He has already a great carreer behind him. 

200 performances a year, in a lot of different countries, Belgium, Switzerland, France, also in Italy, Germany, Poland, Israel, Brazil and Spain.

Fascinated by the music, he uses it in most of his performances. His meetings with Jean-Claude Malgoire, Gabriel Garrido, le Café Zimmermann (Pablo Valetti et Céline Frisch), les Paladins (Jérôme Corréas) leads him to begin opera’s staging.
As a reciter, he performed with a lot of different orchestras and conductors, John Nelson, Charles Dutoit, Pascal Tortelier, Roberto Foréz Veses…

One of his greatest accomplishment is the performances he does with the pianist François-René Duchâble. They already played almost 80 times together and Alain Carré writes most of the text’s parts.

As a teacher, he gave 30 years of formation for professional actors in Brussels, Mons, Liège, Annecy and Geneva.
Alain Carré is first of all a voice that we can hear on a lot of Cds (100) of his register and on the french radio (France Culture).